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Do you want to make a difference in the second half of life?

Ageless entrepreneurs fix problems. We are people in the second half of life who use our knowledge, experience, and networks to create solutions. We launch small, smart organizations that help people, enhance our communities, and strengthen our own lives. Ageless entrepreneurs make life better.

To borrow a phrase from AARP's Purpose Prize, "Making a difference is ageless." Are you ready to make a difference? You can learn with us.

Ageless Entrepreneurs is a new book and entrepreneurship platform designed for people in the second half of life who want to help invent what comes next - for themselves and the world.

Meet the author. Book for speaking at your next event.

Ageless Entrepreneurs offers permission, planning and practice advice for launching your own enterprise and making a difference in the world. Start small. Start smart. Start right now. Welcome!

Ageless Entrepreneurs